Emergency First Aid at Work in Gloucestershire – Can you save a life?

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This is Anne…she was busy working at Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & Beauty when she started to feel unwell. Thankfully, a member of staff had attended Emergency First Aid at Work Training course in Gloucestershire.  It was only a 1-day course, but it taught her what she needed in times of emergencies and she was able to help Anne. When Anne’s heart stopped, Ainsley knew exactly what to do and started CPR. She also asked another member of staff to collect a defibrillator and went on to set this up, to shock Anne’s heart into starting again. Would you be able to help Anne? Would anyone in your workplace know how […]

Reflexology Training Course in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire – 2018

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Reflexology is a fascinating therapy There are many theories of how reflexology works. There are over 7000 nerve-endings in the feet and one theory is that when these nerves are pressed, nerve messages are sent to and from different, related, areas of the body. Reflexology is quite a complex and in-depth holistic therapy. The reflexology foot chart is a good place to start when learning about reflexology. It locates different zones of the feet that relate to different parts of the body. For instance, the big toe relates to the head and you will find the brain reflex here.   This is the Reflexology Foot Chart designed by the Reflexology […]

Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy & Beauty Therapy Training in Gloucestershire

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This is Kerry’s article about her training business in Cheltenham. Kerry has been running the private training college in Gloucestershire for more than 7 years.  Over 300 people have attended training associated with Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy & Beauty Therapy, with many of them returning to complete further training. Reflexology is an incredible therapy. Training is provided over a 9-month period due to the number of practise treatments and knowledge required to become a competent therapist.  A solid understanding of anatomy and physiology is crucial and although there is a lot of work to complete, many learners find it extremely rewarding to achieve a knowledge that helps […]