Make a new start – Massage course in Cheltenham – 2016

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I’ve met so many people over the past 5 years that are looking for more out of life, a change in career or a new direction in life. Sometimes, people are looking for a way to have an additional way of earning money but for others they have a thirst for knowledge and a hunger to expand their knowledge and skills. I’ve been there too of course, wondering whether I was in the right career, considering the hours I was working and what I was getting out of my role.  Sometimes, our perspective of life changes or situations work out differently than we planned. I have met people who are […]

Indian Head Massage – What’s it about?

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INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE As therapists, we all know how important it is to be able to offer our clients a full and varied ‘treatment menu’ from which they can choose. However, as business people, we also need to be considered in our approach when looking to expand our offerings,  ensuring that the therapy which we are looking to add will be a viable business option. This can be assessed in terms of training required, the need for additional equipment and the anticipated demand for the therapy, either from your existing client base, or perhaps as a hook to draw in new clients to your practice. In many ways, Indian Head […]