Pregnancy Massage Training Course

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Massage during pregnancy can provide really special time for the pregnant client.   

Maternity massage can be performed with the client in a side-laying or seated position.  As when sleeping, the pregnant client needs lots of pillows to help them to get comfortable. We often use at least 3 pillows to support the the bump, legs and arms.

Perhaps the time when we see how truly incredible the body is is when it is pregnant? The baby and placenta take up so much space that is usually home to organs and tissues.  Hormones are transported around the body, telling the muscles and ligaments to relax, in order to prepare for labour.

As a result of changes to posture and the centre of gravity, hormonal function and so much more, the pregnant body may ache and muscles can feel tired. This is where massage can make so much difference to the wellbeing of a pregnant lady.   The long list of benefits of pregnancy massage include aiding sleep, relieving back and shoulder discomfort and reducing feelings of stress. What pregnant lady wouldn’t want this?

Attending a pregnancy massage training course is a great way to learn how pregnancy affects the body and how massage can help.  On the Pregnancy Massage Course at Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & Beauty we look at a long list of pathologies. We believe that this knowledge is essential in order to safely treat pregnant clients and also to secure the client’s faith that we really do know what we are doing.

Our Pregnancy Massage Course in Cheltenham runs over 2 days.  We just don’t think we could do it justice in 1 day.  Our aim is for you to leave us with a good level of knowledge as well as practical ability to adapt massage treatments for the pregnant client.  Our course is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) so you know you will be covered by your insurance too.


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