Pregnancy Massage Training Course in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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Pregnancy Massage in Cheltenham

FHT-Accredited Pregnancy Massage training course for existing professional therapists, with a QCF Level 3 Massage qualification – Saturday 27th April, 2024

We love our pregnancy massage course! We know that there are so many pregnant ladies looking for qualified therapists, who can confidently provide a therapeutic massage treatment, rather than we worried about touching them!

This pregnancy massage course is FHT-accredited. The first ‘day’ involves independent learning (in your own time) on our E-learning platform and the second day’s learning being face-to-face in Cheltenham. This means that the cost of training/staying over/travelling is reduced, hopefully allowing more people to access this training.

Please note that an existing Level 3 massage qualification (Aromatherapy, Swedish, Holistic, Sports) is required as a pre-requisite, for this course. This is a very thorough course that will build your knowledge pf pregnancy as well as massage, all of which will give your pregnant clients confidence.

Having 2 days equivalent of learning provides time to learn about physical changes in pregnancy, along with a wide range of pathologies.
On the practical day you will practise a variety of massage positions and expand knowledge of safe working and appropriate aftercare. We will be working on case study visitors and aim to work on pregnant ladies.

Dates: Saturday 27th April (Face-to-face training in Cheltenham)

  • After booking, you will be provided with access to our online E-learning platform. You will be required to complete study at least 1 week before the face-to-face training takes place.

You will learn about pregnancy, including what happens in the 3 trimesters and how the body changes over the 9 months. You will also be taught about a wide range of pathologies associated with pregnancy and gain an understanding as to whether you are able to offer treatments to women who present with them. You will then be introduced to different methods of massaging a pregnant client and look at how best to position a lady at different times throughout her pregnancy.

In your practical lesson you will be shown techniques in how to massage the pregnant woman from the beginning to the end of their pregnancy, as well as in the first stages of labour. You will learn more about how to massage a women in different positions and using several pieces of equipment, i.e. a massage couch and a birthing ball.

You will be given notes to work through over the two days and will take these home with you to aid your confidence.

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