Pregnancy Massage – FHT accredited, Cheltenham

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Being pregnant brings a mix of emotions for a client – there’ll be excitement and joy about bringing a new bundle of joy into the world, coupled with concerns and anxiety about how to cope from lack of sleep and knowing what to do for the best.

Not only will they experience different emotions, but changes to their body as they go through the pregnancy trimesters.   This may result in them feeling nauseous, develop swollen ankles or hands, have shoulder tension, rib flare, carpal tunnel or backache.

This is where a pregnancy massage can be of benefit. 

As a qualified massage therapist you’ll have covered the Anatomy and Physiology as part of your course and the contraindications relating to when not to give a massage.  What you may not have covered are the specifics regarding pregnancy.

  • the contraindications relating when to massage if someone is pregnant
  • the additional questions you need to ask as part of your consultation
  • how the body changes through the trimesters
  • how to adapt your massage for your client so they are comfortable
  • exercises to help your client relax and feel at ease


Our Pregnancy Massage course covers the changes to the body that your client’s may feel and explains when it is safe to provide a massage.  You’ll also learn how best to massage your client to ensure they are as comfortable as possible during the treatment.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Here are just some of the areas where Pregnancy massage may help your client either during or post pregnancy

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Reducing headaches
  • Stretching and lengthening muscles to help with postural changes
  • Clearing sinus congestion which is common in pregnancy
  • Reducing areas of tension
  • Improved lymphatic and blood circulation

Interested in learning more?

Our training course on Pregnancy Massage is taught over 2 days to ensure you gain confidence in both the theory and practical sides.  You’ll learn about the changes that occur to the body over the different trimesters and the symptoms your client may be feeling during each one.

You need to have a Level 3 VTCT qualification in massage to attend this course.  We do offer training in Swedish massage if you have not already achieved this qualification.

When is it?

Our next course is running on Thursday 28th November and Friday 29th November.  If you are interested in training in Pregnancy Massage, give us a call on 01242 255440 or visit our website.  You can book directly online here.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this course is £250 with no additional VAT.

If you have already done a previous Pregnancy Massage course where you have learnt a lot of theory, then you may be exempt from the first day.  This is decided on an individual basis and you would still be required to answer some written questions at home, before the start of the course. We will also require a certificate of previous learning.

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