Pedicure Course, Cheltenham 

The benefits of pedicures

Pedicure training course Cheltenham

Pedicure Training course CheltenhamPedicure training course CheltenhamPedicures aren’t just about beauty.  When our feet feel and look good we generally feel better.

The treatment itself is also therapeutic and relaxing.

Pedicures involve soaking the feet in lovely warm water, preferably with some refreshing foot soak in it.

The feet are exfoliated and dead, dry skin is removed.  Most of this skin would fall off eventually anyway as the two layers of the skin are full of dead skin cells, that need to be shed.  Exfoliation helps this skin to be removed and the rasp then helps remove more skin and helps to smooth it.

Many people never pay attention to their nails and cuticles.  In a pedicure treatment, the cuticles are pushed back and loose, dead cuticle is remove with nippers.  Cuticles can attach themselves to nails and as the nail grows, they can pull up the cuticle with it. Trimming the cuticles avoids this discomfort.

Toe nails are clipped and filed and often this is a good time to give advice to clients about how they look after their nails.

Some clients like to have polish applied to their toe nails, whilst others prefer to leave them plain.

Pedicures are a lovely treatment to provide.  Clients can see a real benefit to their feet and feel more comfortable walking.

Training to provide pedicures with Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & Beauty takes 3 days.  There is plenty of hands on experience, as well as theory.  It is a great add-on if you are already a therapist or you can specialise in pedicures alone.