Infant Massage Instuctors Course – Cheltenham – January 2018

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Baby massage at Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & BeautyInfant Massage Instructor’s Diploma in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


January 15th-16th, 2018 – 9.30am – 4.30pm

Baby Massage has been scientifically been proven to have positive benefits for both babies and the carers providing the massage.  Many parents have heard that baby massage can help babies with symptoms of colic and sleep issue and so this is still a popular service that new mums in particular look for.

Baby Massage Classes tend to be quite small, with a suggestion of no more than 8 babies.  Massage is best suited to babies from approximately 8 weeks of age until they start to crawl.  Initially, some babies might struggle with the concept of having their lovely soft clothes removed in order to receive massage.  I’ve seen these irritated babies change their minds over the course of several weeks as they begin lay back and reap the rewards of their co-operation. Parents too can start a little anxious but as time goes by and they’ve practised more, everyone can begin to really enjoy the positive bonding experience.

At Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & Beauty we offer a 2-day Infant Massage Instructor’s Diploma. This is a CPD course for people who have already achieved their Level 3 Massage qualification.  Infant massage is of course very different to the other types of massage we offer.  The main difference is that we don’t actually massage the babies ourselves, but instruct the carers to massage their babies.  It takes real skill to explain massage movements and to hold the attention of adults and babies in a group, so this qualification isn’t for everybody.

The Infant Massage Instructors Diploma at Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & Beauty covers the following:

  • Infant anatomy and physiology
  • Infant development
  • Massage oil choice
  • Consultation and contra-indications
  • Baby Massage with some yoga positions
  • Singing with babies
  • How to teach carers of infants
  • how to organise baby massage classes

We run several baby massage courses every year. All you need is a demonstration baby massage doll and we’ll take you through the rest.




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