Hot Stone Massage Training in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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Hot Stone Massage TraiCheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & Beauty Hot Stone Massage Training Coursening

Hot stone massage is a popular therapy with clients. It provides an amazing new dimension to massage, perfect for the client who wants to achieve an instant sense of relaxation.

For a Massage Therapist with a level 3 qualification, we offer hot stone massage training in Cheltenham in  just 1 day.  One of the most important things is learning how to safely heat the stones before use.  Choosing hot stone equipment to suit your needs is also important.  You may wish to purchase a heated water container to heat your stones, or rather opt for a dry bag in order to prepare them.  It’s great to be able to try both out in order to make your own judgement before you order the bits and bobs you need.

Some clients favour hot stones because of the warmth provided to the muscles. They enjoy the therapeutic effect that warmth has, allowing the muscles to be manipulated and stretched after being warmed.

Hot stones are also lovely to use. Some therapists state that they feel less pressure on their hands when they are trained in hot stone use.  The heat penetrates the layers of muscles and provides a deep massage without the need for full exertion of the therapist.

At Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & Beauty, we train in hot stone massage in small groups.  It is important to us that you are able to receive  hot stone massage as part of your training. In this way you can feel the benefits for yourself and appreciate how different techniques and handling of the stones feels for the client.

If you would like to book a day’s training in hot stone massage see our diary:

We have be visited by therapists from all over England and are closest to Birmingham, Bristol and Oxforshire



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