Aromatherapy course in Cheltenham Starts soon!

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Aromatherapy Cheltenham

Aromatherapy Course in Cheltenham

Aromatherapy is such an interesting subject.  It involves the use of essential oils that all have unique chemical compositions and properties that can be beneficial to us.

Essential oils are taken from different parts of numerous plants, grown all around the world. Some of the chemical constituents are used in well-known drugs, including Aspirin and commonly used cancer-fighting drugs.

Essential oils contain minute molecules that can enter the bloodstream, in the same way that drug patches work on the body. Different oil components aid relaxation, reduce muscle tension and reduce feelings of stress. Some others are stimulating and can aid concentration, increase energy and a positive mood.

The Aromatherapy Course in Cheltenham is aimed at people who would like to work professionally, using essential oils for massage and other purposes.  We look at properties of a range of essential oils, how essences are obtained from different plants and much more.

On the VTCT-accredited Aromatherapy Diploma students learn 4 units of work:

  • Principles and Practices of Complementary Therapies
  • Business studies
  • Providing Aromatherapy
  • Knowledge of anatomy and physiology

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