Facial Skin Care Training Provides Opportunities in Cheltenham

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Facial treatments vary so much but when I’ve had a good treatment I feel so relaxed.

I had a facial about 10 years ago and the therapist really looked like she knew what she was doing.  She moved swiftly through the different products. Some were cold, some smooth, others rough.  I didn’t know what was happening, but it felt ok. The next thing she did was leave a mask on my face, place wet cotton pads on my eyes and then leave the room.

The ten minutes or so that she left me, with eyes covered, felt odd! After a while, I wondered if the therapist had forgotten about me. She did return and removed the mask, did a few other things and then asked if my skin felt good.  I still had no idea what she had used on my face and why and I was left a little confused.

It’s great to have different experiences of facials as my experience taught me that I wanted to provide facials in a holistic manner, showing that I cared about the client and giving them my full attention for the whole of their treatment time.

I now think that all facials can be seen from a holistic viewpoint and there doesn’t need to be an unsettling divide where beauty and holistics never meet. ‘Holistic Facials’ are great as the training allows a massage therapist to add on a facial element to their treatment menu easily.  A facial is a great way to extend a massage treatment, in fact it’s natural to massage the face when someone has a tight neck, shoulders and scalp.  Cleansing and toning is a lovely extra that prepares the skin and sets the scene for the client…

Cleansing and toning removes dirt and debris from the skin.  Exfoliation helps with desquamation, removing dead skin cells and moisturisation puts back moisture into dehydrated skin.  Not only do facials make the skin look better, but a client will have increased confidence as it also feels healthier.  This, along with the huge relaxing benefits of facial massage, shows what a wonderful treatment a facial can be.

At The Therapy School in Cheltenham we use Dermalogica products to enhance our facial skin care treatments and training courses.  We take our training very seriously and offer a 5-day course, accredited by VTCT.

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